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Psalm 44"O God! wij hebben het met onze oren gehoord, onze vaders hebben het ons..."
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A brief historical survey

Wes KOKA participated in many choirs and was co-founder and choir-master of Allégresse. During the years 2001 till 2006 he actively participated in the creation and promotion of the label " African Gospel".

"AFRICAN JOYS CHORALE" was founded August 16, 2006 and Wes KOKA developed the original concept to accompany songs with a pc. Through this original method he becomes a kind of "choir-master" because he controls and adapts the Music and harmony of the instruments and the voices of the singers.

Under his impulse, the "African Joys chorale" is related for the First time to a non-profit organization. Afterwards there were 2 magic years during which "African Joys" developed as one of the most professional and successful African choirs.

Two years later, on December 7 of 2008, "AFRICAN JOYS CHORALE" is at a turning point in its history as it will be associated with an new non-profit organization. It’s a new start with a new concept, new dynamics and the promotion of a mix of cultures in the choir. AFRICAN JOYS is up to date: "CHANGE, YES WE CAN !".

On 30 August 2011, African Joys ceases to be an association. It remains what it is deeper, a simple chorus. A choir, more than ever in the continuity of its dynamic universal: « AFRICAN JOYS UNIVERSAL ».

Our mission

Through religious events, artistic and cultural (eucharistic, concerts, theatres, ballets, etc), the mission of AFRICAN JOYS is to:

  • extend gospel music in order to raise up faith to those who don’t believe and to strengthen faith for believers;
  • give to celebrations a festive and joyful character;
  • promote love, Charity, fraternity, joy and peace among its members;
  • think, speak and pray in the name of Jesus;
  • support moral and spiritual values;
  • develop faith, hope and charity among its members;
  • perform any legal act and undertake any necessary or useful actions to the carry on of its social object.

Our style

The style of AFRICAN JOYS CHORALE is deeply marked by "Gospel africain".

This label is its own creation since 2001. Indeed, the four main branches of modern gospel music are:

  1. Protestants hymns, written during the 18th century.
  2. Songs performed by slaves and orally transmitted to future generations.
  3. Gospel hymns created by black composers of the 20th and 21st century.
  4. Gospel songs with profane lyrics influence.

The "African gospel" therefore constitutes a revolution, with its use of jazz chord and tom-tom, while American gospel uses major-minor chord. In this way, the "African Gospel" offers a certain originality in its songs with very lively tunes about heaven melodies as declared by AFRICAN JOYS.

Psalm 76"God is bekend in Juda; Zijn..."
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Sabien ››› En arrièrre plan: Brigitte
Sabien ››› En arrièrre plan: Brigitte
Sabien ››› En arrièrre plan: Brigitte

The "African gospel" is embodied by a particular mix of African songs (particularly from DRC) and traditional gospel songs.

For the joy of married couples, AFRICAN JOYS also sings some modern French and international songs which celebrate love and recommend morals and peace in the world.

Who we are

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